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Aqua Mist Irrigation Corp. was founded in 1993 by Walter Mugavin. In 1995 Aqua Mist Merged with Mountain Greenery owned by Joseph Guastella and the Company was re-named Aqua Mist Irrigation of NJ, LLC. In 1996 Aqua Mist moved to 28 James Street, South Hackensack, which still remains their main base of operations today.

Walter and Joe maintained the partnership until 2014, when Joe decided to leave the company to pursue Irrigation consulting.

Walter continued the company naming Brian Ellerman as his new partner and Director of Operations.

In 2019 Aqua Mist opened its Pennsylvania location based in Allentown.

At Aqua Mist Irrigation, our mission is to deliver innovative, environmentally sound water management products and services that meet the needs of our customers and to help preserve the outdoor environment.

We are a commercial irrigation and service contracting company with locations in South Hackensack, NJ and Allentown, PA. We cover North and Central New Jersey and all of Eastern Pennsylvania.

We are Certified Public Works Contractors in New Jersey and have worked at all levels of government projects.

Aqua Mist Irrigation holds Licenses in New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Aqua Mist has been a crucial part of Stormwater Management in Pennsylvania for over 15 years.

Aqua Mist has worked closely with many Engineering firms as well as the PA State Department of Environmental Protection and multiple County Conservation Districts to ensure the proper design and construction of over one hundred Post Construction Stormwater Management System.

Our designs encompass the latest technology and the proven track record of our specified equipment.

Aqua Mist is second to none with it’s PCSM designs and installations.

Aqua-Mist Certified Irrigation Contractor
Aqua-Mist Certified Irrigation Designer
Aqua-Mist Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor

We hold multiple certifications with the National Irrigational Association including:

Aqua-Mist Irrigation is: