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Rain Bird Pumps

The proper Pumping system is critical to any project.

Which is why Aqua Mist has chosen Rainbird Pumps as our supplier of choice.

Rain Bird is the only manufacturer in the world that can provide you with the in-house expertise and products you need to complete an integrated irrigation system from reservoir to rotor.

Rain Bird applies their world-leading irrigation expertise to the design and manufacture of pump stations. As part of a fully integrated Rain Bird irrigation system, these pump stations bring real-time response to your pump, monitoring the operation of the pump and maximizing flow throughout the irrigation cycle.

Reliable Variable Frequency Drive Pump Stations designed to serve as the main irrigation pump station. Each Rain Bird’s Pump System is designed and custom built to fit the particulars of project.


Designed for Durability Rain Bird® pump stations and filters are built to the highest quality standards. Whether it’s a sophisticated suppression system that reduces the risk of electronic component damage or a durable polyester powder coating that protects the appearance of your investment, these pumps and filters offer enduring performance.

A Fit for Any Environment or Budget Every Rain Bird pump station is custom built for the specific requirements of your project, offering a variety of options that make it easier to achieve the most efficient performance possible.

Remote Pump Station Access Rain Bird’s user interface is a network ready design that allows for remote access via PC, laptop, tablet, smart phone, or any web-enabled mobile device. The screen always formats properly to the remote device and allows complete control and monitoring of the pump station. This remote accessibility provides Rain Bird customers the confidence to control their pumping systems when on site personal are not available.

Electrical Design Rain Bird® pump stations are UL508A listed and use the industry’s best surge suppression, reducing the risk of electronic component damage that could lead to inconvenient and costly downtime. This design includes full heavy-duty circuit breaker integration providing the ultimate protection with the best serviceability. Backup Pressure Regulation Every station comes with a properly sized pressure relief valve to provide automatic pressure regulation in the event of an overpressure situation.

VFD Per Motor (VPM) Option Rain Bird offers the industry’s most comprehensive catalog of customer-focused solutions, including a VFD for each main motor on a multi-pump station. This option provides superior flow and pressure regulation, and eliminates mechanical switching components, increasing uptime. It also provides a level of efficient backup pressure regulation that a pressure relief valve or butterfly valve cannot deliver.

Durable Polyester Powder-Coating Rain Bird’s in-house steel-grit blasting system assures all exterior surfaces of the pump station are prepared to white metal specification standards and allows for the best coating adhesion. The polyester powder-coat Rain Bird applies is far more durable than competitive solvent-based multi-layer coatings. In fact, Rain Bird’s powder-coating process scores a 10 out of 10 on an ASTM corrosion test provided by Sherwin Williams. Other industry pump stations scored 4 out of 10 on the very same test. In addition the powder-coating process is considered very environmentally friendly.

Engineered Pump Station Skid Design Using 3D modeling, the channel steel skid frame is engineered for strength and rigidity. This engineered design reduces vibration and eliminates the need for raised, extra-thick steel plates under the pump heads, which can be a trip hazard. The deck is the industry’s strongest and longest lasting with continuously welded smooth steel plate. In addition, Rain Bird follows industry standards and manufacturers’ recommendations for station components such as the proper specifications for flow meters.>

Advanced Controls With the industry’s leading touch screens, Rain Bird continues to innovate by offering sizes up to 15″. Beyond being network ready, this interface offers up to 20 years of historical memory capability and USB backup. With features such as filtration integration, water feature control, lake level control, pump lockouts, auto set point adjustment per pump, motor starts protection, and many more, Rain Bird has driven pump station innovation in the industry for the last decade.

Pump and Motor Options Rain Bird offers custom designed cast ductile iron discharge heads for irrigation pump stations. With superior flow characteristics and 12 times the required tensile strength for pump stations, they are the obvious choice for the application.

Air Relief Rain Bird provides air relief on each pump. Individual air relief valves allow for the maximum amount of air to be removed from the pump columns and not enter into the irrigation system.

User Controls Rain Bird pump stations have set the bar with simple, large-icon touchscreen controls in nine different languages. Each pump has a lighted, three position Manual–Off–Auto switch for intuitive, safe backup control of the station.

Available in the following configurations:

  • Vertical and submersible turbine pump stations for wet well applications.
  • Horizontal end suction for flooded suction, suction lift and pressure boosting applications.
  • Multistage pumps for flooded suction and pressure boosting applications where differential pressures greater than 130 psi (9 bar) are required.


  • 60 Hz, 3-Phase Power:
  • 230V (up to 60HP per pump), 460V, 575V
  • 50 Hz, 3-Phase Power:
  • 190V (up to 60HP per pump), 380V, 415V
  • 60 Hz, 1-Phase Power:
  • 230V (up to 30HP per pump)