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Irrigation Systems
Storm Water Management Systems

Irrigation Water Management

Water Management

Flow Meters, Master Valves, Pumping Stations, Weather Stations, Central Control, Rain/Wind/Freeze Sensors, Alternative Water Sources… all tools that affect proper water management. At Aqua-Mist we analyze each individual site for efficient water management capabilities. Site monitoring is an important, cost effective water saving device. Ask how we can save you money on your next water bill.

Commercial Installation

Our professional process includes:

  • Shop Drawings
  • Final approved design
  • Coordination with GC and other trades
  • Professional Installation
  • Final walk-through and approval
  • Complete set of as-built drawings
  • Maintenance program
Irrigation Commercial Installation
Irrigation Commercial Services

Commercial Service

We have had excellent results over the last 15 years dealing directly with municipal supervisors, property management firms and homeowner associations. We maintain a 5-man commercial service department with an average of 15 years field experience. We have initiated a unique evaluation service for existing systems, which is geared to provide the most cost efficient changes and upgrades.
Here are some of the services we perform:

  • Control system upgrades, using state-of the art technology
  • Addition of weather-based sensing devices
  • Electronic location of buried irrigation, communication, or utility cables
  • Certified landscape irrigation auditing services to insure water savings
  • Pump station installation, repair and specifications – from small booster applications to 50 hp electronic stations for alternatives to city water supplies

Fountain Aerators

Aeration is a highly effective means of maintaining clean water in lakes and ponds. There are different types of aeration equipment, from onshore air compressors to floating windmills which all perform the same job. Fountain aerators are very decorative, yet functional devices. They come in a variety of patterns – from 50 foot high geysers, to spraying flutes and fans, to multi-tiered plumes of cascading water. More importantly, they also add dissolved oxygen to water. This minimizes the buildup of algae, bottom sludge, and water stagnation which can lead to foul odors and mosquito problems.

At Aqua-Mist, we tailor the use of aeration equipment to our clients’ needs. We install and service only the most dependable aeration equipment.

Fountain Aerators
Pond Management

Pond Management

Stormwater ponds have become an integral part of new development in our environmentally conscious world. Awareness of water quality has never been more important. A clean, healthy pond is a valuable resource for its beauty, for recreation, and as a potential source for irrigation water.

Stormwater runoff containing lawn chemicals, sediments, and automotive fluids from roads can contaminate the water in your pond and lead to problems with unsightly, foul smelling algae blooms. Environmentally safe microbial products can assist in maintaining or reaching the goal of better water quality. Treatments beyond aeration may be the difference between a healthy pond and a health hazard.

Our pond management team can provide a thorough review of your pond or lake and offer solutions for any issues that affect your water quality.

Pumping Stations

From 1/2 hp booster pumps to 50 hp pumping stations, Aqua-Mist is one of the industry leaders for installation and maintenance of pump applications for irrigation.

Since 2007 we have been involved with technologies that provide for the future of landscape irrigation, utilizing alternative water supplies that collect stormwater. From suction lift to vertical turbines to computer controlled Variable Frequency Drives, our dedicated pump specialists are available for your next project.

Pumping Stations
Backflow Testing

Backflow Testing

All potable water supplies must be protected from contamination. Industrial processes, wastewater facilities, HVAC operations and irrigation systems all use water. Both the National plumbing code and the American Water Works Association require the use of backflow prevention devices on public water supplies.

Aqua-Mist has 3 certified backflow inspectors on staff. We are licensed to test and repair backflow devices in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Local building codes may govern the frequency of required testing. We recommend yearly inspections to protect your potable water supply.