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Irrigation Systems
Storm Water Management Systems

Irrigation Resources

Irrigation technology is developing at a rapid pace to help us use water more efficiently. Take a look at some innovative ideas that are already being implemented around the country:

Conservation Resources


EPA Watersense
Watersense is a partnership program sponsored by the US EPA. Its purpose is to encourage the conservation of water and protection of the environment. Watersense partners include contractors, retailers, and manufacturers offering a wide range of products and ideas for reducing the consumption of water and protecting our existing, dwindling supplies.


Rutgers Water Resources

A very informative website for both residential and commercial users. Links include stormwater management, rainwater harvesting, and the NJ Water Quality Research Institute, just to name a few.


Bergen County Utilities Authority

Good recycling information for Bergen County residents.



How much water does it take to create a steak? A pair of blue jeans? To brush your teeth? You’d be surprised. Now you can find out – with the first one-of-a-kind iPhone application that calculates how much water is embedded in our daily lives.

Gardening Resources